Treasure Valley Comic Con Saturday2017-07-08Emperor Palpatine
Treasure Valley Comic Con Friday2017-07-07Booth Operator, Spotter
Galactic Day at the Boise Zoo 20172017-06-17Spotter
St. Al's Capitol Capitol Classic 20172017-06-03Darth Nihilus
Border Town Comic-Con 2017-03-17Darth Nihilus
Star Elemantary School Carnival2016-09-30Darth Nihilus
Boise Library Comic Con2016-08-16Darth Nihilus
Spring Fling Carnival 2016-05-20Darth Nihilus
CWI Comic Con 20162016-04-02Darth Nihilus
May the books be with you2016-02-26Darth Nihilus
The Force Awakens - Meridian2015-12-19Darth Nihilus
The Force Awakens - Premier - Meridian2015-12-17Darth Nihilus
Battlefront Launch GameStop Meridian2015-11-16Darth Nihilus
Battlefront Launch GameStop Meridian2015-11-16Darth Nihilus
Idaho Prader-Willi Syndrome On The Move Walk 09/052015-09-05Darth Nihilus
Library Comic Con 20152015-08-29Darth Nhilus
Child Fair/bike safety rally2015-06-06Darth Nihilus
Time Zone Toys Outdoor toy show2015-05-30Darth Nihilus
Toys R Us celebrates Star Wars2015-05-03Darth Nihilus
JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes - Boise 20152015-05-02Darth Nihilus
Shannon Brown Cancer Fundraiser2015-02-27Tie Reserve
Canyon/Ada County Armour Party2015-01-31Tusken Builder
Dave & Busters Star Wars: Battle Pod Release2015-01-30TIE Reserve Pilot
Salvation Army Bell Ringing 20142014-12-20TIE Reserve Pilot
Tree City Comic Con (Saturday)2014-10-18TIE Fighter Pilot
Tree City Comic Con (Friday)2014-10-17TIE Reserve Pilot
Star Wars Reads Day III (Ada County Library)2014-10-11TIE Reserve Pilot
Star Wars Reads Day III (Barnes & Noble Boise)2014-10-11TIE Reserve Pilot
Treasure Valley — Buddy Walk2014-10-11TIE Reserve Pilot
Light the Night — Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 2014-10-02TIE Reserve Pilot
Boise Library! Comic Con — 8/30/142014-08-30Tie Pilot
Tree City Comic Con—Press Conference2014-08-27Tusken Raider
Tree City Comic Con - Commercial Photo shoot2014-07-23Tusken Raider
Capital Kids Classic 20142014-06-07Spotter