If you’d like to request an appearance, please visit our Event Information Page for more information and to fill out an event request.

To contact us for any other reason, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our command staff:

You can find a listing of current contact info for each of these positions at THIS LINK

General questions about Timberline Garrison or the 501st LegionGarrison Commanding Officer (CO) or Garrison Executive Officer (XO)
General inquiries regarding appearancesGarrison Event Coordinators (GEC)
Public RelationsGarrison Public Relations Officers (GPR)
Costume review and approval, costume requirements, the membership application process, or Garrison Membership Liaison (GML)
Contents and administration of this website Garrison Web Master (GWM)
Uploading or missing member photos from this site or 501st.comGarrison Web Liaison (GWL)
Garrison merchandise (t-shirts, patches etc, only available to club members)Garrison Merchandise and Branding officer (GMB)